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Shelves of different materials for our books

A shelf has can be of different shapes and materials, but out of the ordinary, we could use recycled materials , so you can save some money at any home you need to have things in order, we can say that a shelf must be fundamental to any room.

We can put a shelf in our living room or study, also in the bedroom, but the most important is that the material is recycled . So you can have two functions, utility and decoration.

For a project to create a ledge, just enough votes have imagination and have shelves for any purpose you want. Best of all, you’re not going to spend much money, you will very economical for these times of recession and money is not enough, it is better to use recycled materials .

So we can find different ways to create a shelf, which are:

Industrial : Shelves made ​​with pipes, painted and constructed in the best way, to support much weight, is suitable for large books.

Wood : Tools shelves built with recycled wood or wooden boxes, one on top of another, very suitable for large weights, gives a rustic feel to the home.

Pendants : Shelves made ​​with wires hanging from the ceiling, holding tables and adding a touch of elegance to the room.

We can see that all shelves can be in different places, there are very high, but that does not take away the grace and utility.

We must remember that a shelf requires compatibility with the environment, must be similar to the decor resulting fine and pleasing to the eye, these tips will surely guide you have a very use shelves.

For this reason if you have recycled materials , feel free to build it, so you have more orderly home.

Ideas for Christmas Environments

I like these pictures? They are a selection  of the photographer Mikkel Vang’s portfolio with Christmas atmosphere. Born in Denmark, Mikkel studied at the Danish School of Photography, I was awarded The Outstanding Achievement Award in Photography Award by the Queen of Denmark.

In their work, which means we have embobadas, plays different themes, such as interiors, food, people, travel, still life or landscapes, and of course, Christmas decor and environments! Scandinavian Aesthetics, combined with a great use of light, it become one of the most sought after by photographers the best magazines in the world. His work has appeared in magazines like Vogue Living, Elle Decoration, Harpers Bazaar (woooooow!!) And its customers, to name a few, are   H & M , Ikea , Joe Malone, Ralph Lauren etc. .. We have found the perfect Christmas inspiration for this Sunday night final bridge!

Interior Trends 2014 [Infographic]

Important sites design and interior decoration as Impressive interior design or have developed their predictions about design trends for 2014, taking into account colors, textures, patterns and styles that have been escalating tastes of the users, but GlasstileStore is the site you’ve created an interesting infographic with all collected data to see graphed below.

Colors in interior decoration 2014
The yellow and red has always been synonymous with energy and vitality and according to the psychology of color we’ve seen in Build Home evoke some emotions, these are two of the colors that were employed in 2014, along with colors such as terra the khaki and ethnicity (see the infographic below so you know the exact hue becoming fashionable).

Trends in textures
It is expected that the textures with geometric patterns and colors are ethnic trend, as well as floral patterns to seventies style.

2014 Design Styles
As always, and not only in interior design, but in all types of design will continue to use the maxim “less is more” simple lines in the decoration of both furniture and walls, is also expected to increase equipment stackable.

Facebook offices in Palo Alto

Following the track to do big business in the world and their offices, today is the turn at Facebook headquarters . Today we will see the working environment to its developers at the offices of the well known social network Facebook in Palo Alto, California.Facebook’s headquarters are located in the Stanford Research Park, close to Stanford University. Then we will see jobs and the environment surrounding developers social network that has at least 800 million members worldwide. The study commissioned to carry out the work is these offices Studio O + A .

The first thing we saw pictures of the offices of Facebook is that jobs are organized in a way Open Space . Are open spaces in which all members live together somewhat.
Another thing that has caught my attention first is that it also has a wall to post messages, which if you think about it could not miss talking about this social network. The Facebook Wall , as it is called this wall is located near the entrance of the offices and whosoever, whether employee or visitor, you can write a post on it.
Although almost the entire office wants to be like a giant and Royal Facebook, and encouraged employees to add artwork, writing on walls and move furniture, depending on the needs. Everything to customize your workspace .

The offices are divided into two large buildings of almost 140,000 m2 each, although both feature a kitchen where employees can find snacks to feed your mind during long shifts.
Another way to regenerate the mind is giving break, and for it to be quality offices have several seating areas for employees to relax and think of new ideas. Some are open, while others are closer to relaxation is complete. Some are even consoles.

The design of the different areas of development of the social network is defined by changes in color and space, although they all have a common finishes and overall design for all. This feature makes all of them have their own personality within the same set.
In general we are an office with stimulating colors , with fun details and are a very innovative aesthetics and above all, very own Facebook. And the relaxation of its employees not only looking inside the buildings, but also outside. Outside we see a basketball court, table tennis and even a small skate park for skaters.


The chair combinesuniquely, a craft wonderful furniture with audio technology that allows the user to literally sit in the middle of a sound system. Whether the user wants to listen to some music, an audio book or even a movie, the Sonic Chair (chair Sonic) promises to be an experience worth talking about.

The new version of the Sonic Chair integrates satellite speakers precisely adapted to their ears. Anyone entering the Sonic Chair enjoy powerful bass tones and focused thanks to the noise canceling technology acoustic chair.

It has all the input jacks and built-in speakers that we saw in the original version, plus a folding arm with stainless steel coupling for iPod, iPad, laptops and monitors. The touch screen 20-inch iMac features a Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz processor, 1GB of memory and a hard disk of 230 GB, 8 x SuperDrive and ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT. None mentioned the price of improved version, but expect add a couple of thousand dollars for extra devices.

Murals, walls open to the world

The photo murals are photographic images made ​​in large formats that are typically installed, pasted on walls and walls with all the possibilities offered as elements of original and impressive decor. However, photo murals are more than large and beautiful photos. provide fotomurales The magic of creating scenes and impossible spaces, stimulate feelings in observers, give birth to emotions because stays closed to open visual experiences.

Experiences to live them as a decoration very suggestive at home, but, likewise, also function as marketing claim to draw attention to their ability to recreate scenarios. ? can imagine the effect it can leave one of these photo murals in her living room? • You can see in his mind the image of a big city, a warm and close night view, you can imagine the vivid, real representation of a tropical beach from the framing of a wooden pier on an infinite emerald sea or recreate the dense lush vegetation that can be seen from its open wall? S?, it is an experience that can give color and meaning to their experiences, to relax in your home shelter, but may also be a reason to surprise your friends and guests. A cool touch, a call to the exotic, an unforgettable perspective.

From a technical point of view, have the advantage of photo murals that are scanned with sufficient quality and detail resolution to admit sizable enlargements photographs. These images can be reduced obviously, and better yet, cut to accommodate them in the right place you have to be fabulous. ‘s photo murals are composed on paper and stick to the wall like wallpaper, decoration, albeit in a much thinner weight. There are reasons for everyone, topics, subtopics, sub-variants in the room to find that you need to complete the unique decor of your home.

fotomurales Most effective are called illusions that create the illusion of open spaces exist. In her living room, an adjoining room with decor that looks identical room just seems, then opened. It is a curious, friendly and even fun effect. fotomurales captivate The image of unknown faraway places, but they also have the power to stop time. And if not, think of the effect it can have on your relaxation room, which used to yoga, a frozen moment in the sunset on the day the lights start to go off on a dark horizon? See? Murals, walls that open wide to the world dreamed.

Rocking Chair Provides Deep Relaxation

The rocking chair is making its comeback. After he was for decades almost gone, he is in the age of burnout for refuge. His appearance has quaintly put the rocking chair. Many designers have set out to make trendy, sassy and stylish variations of the rocking chair. Priced the rocking chairs are also broadly. We will show current models .

“Rockers stimulates the sense of balance and helps to sort sensory impressions.” With this laconic sentence the children’s rocking chair “Sundvik” meet the copywriter from Ikea the nail on the head.

Swings as the shamans
Swings applies namely next to the drums as one of the best natural techniques by which we can gain access to our relaxed, non-rational consciousness. Millennia ago, swaying her body shaman hours to reach this state. Your trance technique has now been scientifically researched. As the author Joachim Faulstich in his book “Inner Country” reported calls a long-lasting rhythmic swings despite alertness produces a measurable hypnotic state in the brain.

Rocking chair makes you fit for everyday life
So the seemingly dull rockers is on skids all but useless. If one returns to the world of reason for a cozy swing break, you feel wonderfully refreshed. And the one or the other problem has been solved long ago in the subconscious without hours of brooding.

The great-grandfather of rocking chairs
Rocking chairs are circulating since the 17th Century. They were invented once by U.S. residents. At least since 1860, the sturdy “Rocker” became socially acceptable.

At that time the German master cabinetmaker Michael Thonet began producing the “rocking-armchair No.1″, whose wood was bent over the water. Certainly these new bentwood chairs were not cheap. Today they are available, if you are lucky to bid already below 100 euros. It’s good that the swings have become affordable even for people without a thick wallet.

Living room decor tips

If you want to focus in the living room, it is important to first make a list and map of any furniture and stuff you in the living room. by with a map to work you can see how the format is going to be and whether you can have all the furniture in the room. Furthermore, you have to think carefully what colors you want to use for the walls and other accessories. Do you want to go popping with a bright color would you like two shades together going to use or choose for a natural look. This is important to know so that you here with the layout and décor in mind.

You have the color of the Interior determined time to go shopping

You are all set with the map and the classification and the color is determined then it’s time to go shopping. Take a color sample, for example, accessories or window coverings with it if you are going to buy. Then you can see well in the shop or the color though is quite the same. This is to prevent you with the wrong color accessories comes home.

Office table – cool and innovatieves table design for the latest trends

Inspiring Designs for office desks – the latest trends

Unfortunately, you can not be all summer long in vacation. But one could draw from the warm weather, good mood and enthusiasm to make their own lives better. This affects all aspects of life. Therefore, we find that the work could also affect fresh and elegant. Do you agree?

For some of the would latest trends in office furniture and office desks very appropriate. Let’s look at these but together!

Office table in futuristic style

What made all of a piece and created very innovative materials, many innovative design concepts have emerged. If you are sitting at as an office table, you can not help but look to the future and make big plans of this.

Stairs, shelves, work table – which makes for really a difference?

In the modern home design one strives more and more to the uniformity. The task to solve often by taking the same form for many comprehensive and smaller aspects – from the floor plan to the furniture.

For example, you can blur the boundaries of space and very often mixed the concepts of the shelves and staircases. They both look detached and only the location and strength of the structure, they differ from each other. Otherwise they look like parts of a unitary system. This so popular rack structure is taken now in many pieces of furniture and design styles with a. Like a staircase can also use the drawers, or compartments look of a worktable.

Office Furniture in industrial style

Office tables in the industrial style may look very different. Often you create it from rough and unprocessed materials. Such kind of industrial furniture remember not infrequently to a scaffold.

But there is also another interpretation of the industrial style and this is also popular each day. It is about models of office tables, which look for a cut piece from a machine. They mimic at about the appearance of aircraft – with all their materials and design interface.

Exhaust the potential of a material

Through innovation, the same material often appears very different in different concepts. It may take diverse deformations and be carried out in the most varied nuances. Find Anything Designer simply fascinating and they exploit the opportunities of possible associated with it.

Office tables, which look very uncomfortable, but it’s not!

Some office furniture just look super uncomfortable. This affects also the chairs. They seem very small, low, not stable enough. But this is only a first and very false impression. Modern innovative concepts show many ergonomic properties, which have been perfectly adapted to the characteristics of the human body. During the actual seats they are then much more comfortable! They promote the incredible effectiveness and do that much better than many other models!

The whole furniture arrangement should be appropriately selected