A swing as a bedside table

To us it seems a very original idea and pretty, but we’re sure there will be conflicting opinions as to use a swing as a bedside table for bedroom, so let’s try to analyze the pros and cons of this idea.

We will not deny that the result is very striking, but it is also true that a facility may be too complex for a simple bedside table, as there will be installed on the ceiling of the room. Also do not forget that is held by two ropes, so that the stability to support a book or a glass of water can be quite relative.

But what if you need to recognize is that, in addition to an aspect of the most striking and original to the bedroom, cleaning enables us to stay, as there will be no leg to hinder us vacuuming or brush. Of course, this also got installing a simple shelf on the wall, as we and you can see in the photo below.