How to Decorate Dressing Room

If we have the opportunity to have a room in our home just to keep our dress clothes and we know that we are very fortunate that is not common in every home or apartment. If you have, you need to be ambientarlo a nice and tidy. Let’s give them some tips on how to decorate a dressing so they can transform into a fun room.

A great way to decorate a dressing is setting it with the colors that we like. We can paint the shelves where clothes go with abstract designs or color you want. We can also decorate the edges of the cabinet with a way to save a collage to frame and highlight the furniture.

It is always interesting to leave a space to place a mirror in that room. We accompany with some make-up table to calm and enjoy the moment.
The most important thing is to avoid overloading the dressing room with decorative accessories, we must remember that it is a room that we have many things such as shoes, footwear, dresses, coats and our entire wardrobe in sight.

Interestingly, the walls and cabinets have many colors to not reduce the space we have. The splashes of color we can find some stores painted on walls or at the pond edge or frame. Follow your instinct aesthetic and they try to be the best, always try to optimize the space and make it look attractive.

Pet Furniture Design

Got home without yard or like the company of your pet in, but not like those ugly throw rugs where? That was completed: in this paper we will give you ideas so you can hold your dog or cat indoors without altering the decor of your home is more: improving it. There are exclusive places where we can place them in different pet furniture design . Besides find it comfortable to them, bring a touch of class to your home environments.

Shelves and shelves for cats
It is common for cats seek places to climb indoors. The problem is when you go up to the curtains to sit in the window frame, because with its claws scratch fabrics. To avoid temptation and make your cat have fun, try installing shelves at different heights on the walls of some rooms. You will see that your pet is entertained slide from one another jumping; sight are like shelves to decorate the house and surely someone will think that your pet is made ​​of china.

Torres design to decorate the environments
In the same line the shelves, the towers serve as areas for the cats to climb. The interesting thing is that when you get tired of seeing your pet or no longer catches your eye, you can use it to place decorative items and even books.

Boxes exclusive pet
You do not have your dog or cat rests in a wooden crate ugly if you can design a box. This may include a small roof and cushions, and may be rectangular, square or more circular. The design of the boxes depends on the decor of your home: look out what goes best with the style of your home. Other models are multifunctional furniture for pets , for example, a chair that uses the dead space of the square formed by the four legs, making a small cabin for our loyal friends.

Desktop Pet Zone
Some furniture is adapted to carry out your daily activities always next to your pet. For example, look at this desk that the side has a sort of integrated box with a pillow, perfect for a cat or even a small dog. If your animals are crafty, certainly enjoy having you around all the time.
Clearly, pets are not outside the fashion and design: decorators strive to provide the animals comfort and style to homeowners with exclusive furniture. The decoration of homes with pets is not that complicated, right? But the proposal may vary according to the different needs … Can you think of other ideas for your pet is more comfortable in the house?

Wall Color Ideas for a lively interior design

Fresh wall color ideas

Do you fancy a refreshing wall design that will liven and spice up your home significantly? Well, then you are right, because we have prepared some fresh wall paint ideas for you.

The white walls are already out of fashion. Too boring, too impersonal and ‘sterile’ acts a classic white wall design, right? What do you mean? Like the white wall color?

These of you, but standing on Traditional, can under various light colors for selection, such as “Great White”, “Strong White”, “Old White”, “Lime White” and other white-Nuncen you in the color palette by Farrow & Ball to find. And the others who need a fresh dash of color in your home, a wide range of vibrant colors is available – “Blue Ground”, “Hound Lemon”, “Arsenic”, “Rectory Red” … All of these and many other colors You can easily at Kent Blaxill order.

Farrow & Ball colors create a vivid color scheme

What are the trendy colors for this year? We would also like to know. According to the tender purple PANTONE shades are all the rage. The inspiring color of orchid exudes romanticism and dreaminess. This paint allows us to determine dream, but what color will reduce the stress in our daily lives? Of course the green. The mild shades of green are calming and relaxing. That’s no secret. According to Farrow & Ball are precisely these shades in trend – “Breakfast Room Green”, “Light Blue”, “Pink Ground” and “Tanner Brown”.

Test the green wall color

Something stronger than green relaxing wall color

Would you take the risk of using a flash bang as wall color Orange?

Combine the wall color so that you make a cozy feel-good. Insert pastels and bright colors, which would your living room look brighten and enlarge.

The following examples will give you a general idea, but do not forget that your own sense should serve as a point of orientation. Ask yourself the questions, which shades you feel as calm and comfortable and what concrete wall color has a positive effect on you.

You probably have different answers for different living areas. This is quite normal.

Draw fresh inspiration to get started! With the Farrow & Ball colors you have quite a lot of space!

Wall paint and ceiling paint succeeded combine – you accept this challenge!

Trends in outdoor furniture materials this summer

Although these days it may seem, with the storm we have in some areas, spring is just around the corner and touch renew the outdoor furniture, both at home and in the hospitality business. Get ready for maximum enjoyment of the warm seasons and it is important to have well conditioned outdoor spaces.

When choosing furniture for the garden or terraces must consider several aspects. On the one hand there is the issue of comfort, the furniture should offer maximum comfort to ensure the much desired relaxation on holiday. On the other hand the style and elegance, always more attractive a nice design. But also critical choosing a material that guarantees a good durability and easy maintenance.

In that sense braided resin, we can see in the image that opens this article, is already the star material. Unlike PVC, the resin will not break or fade, resistant to weathering, chlorine and stains and also its maintenance may be easier, since we do not need to wash it more than just a hose down.


Another material that is more suitable for porch furniture both at home and in cafes or nightclubs is aluminum. Furniture Aluminum stand out as being light, elegant and very modern. For them there are various finishing options such as chrome, matt white or anthracite, some examples we can see in the pictures in this article.

Obviously these are not the only options, there are natural fiber furniture, wrought iron, wood and lots of options, but doing an analysis of advantages and disadvantages of each of them and seeing decorative trends of the past few seasons, the Aluminum resin wicker and have every chance to become the stars of the terraces this summer.