3 basic factors in the choice of shower curtains

When it comes to the decorating bathroom should pay attention to many details. From the style of the tiles to the correct selection of accessories, passing through some beautiful accessories to get you out.


Today, on the other hand, we want to stop us in shades of a bath, an optional element (not all bathrooms have it) but which is really helpful and economical, without therefore you have to give up the design.

Curtains are the natural alternative to the enclosure when one wants to save money, time or flexibility. Adapt both showers and baths, and although it seems that his election has not too much, the truth is that they are an element of great presence in the bathroom and therefore can not choose lightly.

And is that as in decorative detail, we should take into account 3 basic premises that will help us in the process of election of our shower curtains: its composition, its preparation, and its design. We are going to do this!
1. materials

The material of the curtain is the first factor to consider. Those are basically of two types:
Plastic curtains

They are the most frequent and inexpensive, allowing very original and varied designs since its plastic composition does not have limitations on manufacturing, so it is the ideal shade for homes of step.

Textile curtains

A type of elegant curtain by their finish on fabric and light fall is considered. Textile composition makes them especially delicate and favorable to the proliferation of bacteria if they are not vented and left to dry properly, although the industry has come a long way in their waterproofing.

Find them very varied aspects but, unlike plastic, is committed primarily by more sober designs and neutral color ranges generally.


2 clothing

Its preparation is the second factor to consider.
Smooth curtains

Simple, no fuss, usually in white or translucent, curtains smooth either in plastic or fabric trying to go unnoticed to focus the décor in the rest of the bathroom.


Ready made curtains

In this case, it’s curtains that carry some preparation work in different tissues, whether Chiffons, cotton and ruffles or lace. They usually meet a more decorative purpose and are perfect for vintage bathrooms or to decorate free-standing bathtubs that shower function and therefore require protection against splashes.


3 design

This is the latest (which no less important) factor to take into account when choosing the shower curtain. In the market can find from them designs of them more simple to them more elaborate, by what depending on the air that wants give to the bathroom (minimal, contemporary, classic, shabby chic), so must be the curtain, accompanied by the tone more suitable.


Neutral curtains

White, the raw tones or Pearl Grey, as well as the smooth textures, are the most appropriate if we want a simple and bright bathroom or highlight other elements of decoration.


Sober tones

Beige, Brown and gray means, also in smooth textures, are better suited for male bathrooms or for those seeking a sober but elegant décor.