A good idea: Space Invaders on the bathroom wall


It is pixelated in decor and small mosaic tiles provide the perfect opportunity to create with them all kinds of drawings. One of the most simple is to include Space Invaders in any area of the house. I am not in favor of abusing the tiles if not necessary, but the truth is that in the bathroom is great.

You just have to change some of the small tiles with ones of a different color to represent the figure, and the design can be more or less personalized. We can choose some of the standard models of Space Invaders or give a personal style with some changes in its shape.


As seen in the image above these lines, in this case is the only decorative detail is in the bathroom, which breaks the clean lines and simple and uniform color and adds a friendly and relaxed. The only disadvantage is that it is very durable and if we get tired of drawing will be difficult to hide.

Some may prefer a vinyl or something that will eventually be more easily removed. In that sense it occurs to me that instead of using two different tile types, we can decorate the tiles that make up the drawing with a sticker. So if you spent any time we want the wall to be smooth again, just have to remove the stickers.