A kitchen full of spring flowers and color details

Santos_brezo 7

Winter By now most of us are already looking forward to spring, actually more than you earn, it’s almost a necessity. Fortunately you will start to notice that the days are longer and have more daylight hours, but we need to all be filled with flowers, brightness and color and to some extent this depends on us.

Spring will come when appropriate but in our house we can advance it a bit if you want. We just have to think what are the things of spring that we like and take them to some of the rooms in our home, a good example is in the kitchen of the photos in this article, which looks the most spring .

Santos_brezo 5

In fact the kitchen is more or less well throughout the year, the colors of the walls, lamps and other details not change every season, but when I saw so full of light and natural flowers, I could not help thinking in the few days remaining until the spring of 2013 begins.

White is trend in kitchen cabinets, but when there is too white and shapes are very simple furniture, the kitchen can get to be too sober, serious or boring. So in this case we have chosen the color orange to the impact wall and some other details that make an interesting contrast.

SAntos_brezo 2

In the image above these lines we can see the light and the shade of the background in orange and vases of flowers that we have seen in other images and give so much life to the kitchen. The black and steel are very elegant, but somewhat cold, orange adds a touch warmer.

I loved the table that appears as an extension to the island, a little lower than it and is ideal for use as a desk. Those who work at home do it sometimes in the living room and sometimes in the kitchen if we have a room specially designed for it, the table of the image seems really comfortable and practical in that sense.

Santis_brezo 13

Finally in the image above these lines we can see the impact of the wall which I spoke, no doubt the most striking of the kitchen, but it gives a lot of life. The kitchen only in black would have been nice, but it has much more personality and even seems to combine in one place various environments.

If orange is not your color, you can choose another tone to accomplish the same goal, the idea is to choose a cheerful color that contrasts with the white furniture and appliances and steel that gives a touch of fun and breaking our kitchen. If we dare to the wall, at least we can do with the details, which although less shocking, also make their contribution to the environment.