A mansion in Santa Barbara Spanish style


Whenever I hear about Spanish style, the other side of pool I start to shake, and that his conception of Spanish traditional buildings are far from reality and look like an egg to a chestnut. But on this ranch in Santa Barbara, built in the 20s and has been expanded and renovated several times, leaving his “Spanish essence” are maintained many decorations and supplies typically Spanish.

Santa Barbara is located near Los Angeles along the Pacific coast. Its coast is often called the “Riviera italianoamericana” because of its Mediterranean climate and its resemblance to the French Riviera.

sta-barbara-puertas de hierro

In addition to the maritime landscape, the famous Santa Ynez Mountains cross the city from east to west and rise behind the city with several peaks exceeding 1,200 meters. Like all California was Spanish, Spanish names are kept and is dotted with mansions and ranches like this.


This ranch has some of the rooms typical of the era in which it was built and many of the classic materials of Spanish missions a central courtyard with a tree in the center (sometimes had a well) or the brick planters and balustrades of the tennis court.


Also the entrance with wrought iron gates and soil clay tiles are classic Spanish missions and the tops of tiles painted Talavera style.

Also the fat knot rugs reminiscent of Spanish and are spread halls and classrooms.


The house has every luxury as a fully modern, which have lowered ceilings and wooden furniture are painted white. The property also consists of two separate apartments, a guest house by the pool and spa next to the gym.

It also has five bedrooms with bathroom and toilet large lounge beside. A room or office off the master bedroom and several porches and terraces scattered poolside a stone veranda.



It also has a dining area with breakfast bar with double doors to the spectacular garden with tennis court and swimming pool original design of the twenties. The garage was built under the apartment is newly built and has four separate doors for eight cars.



For furniture and decoration, not surprising that many of the furniture, such as the office, are Spanish Revival style, with chairs and sofas c uero bars cordovan embossed dark woods, yet in areas refurbished as the porch tables and chairs are Hindu style.


Wooden coffered ceilings, color and green albero courtyard walls and porches, large beams painted or paneled doors, sofas timeless robust with white and neutral textiles and iron hanging lamps, also of Spanish Revival style, writing desks in the hallways and leather armchairs friar complete the decoration.


 It seems that for once is not the set of a movie, but this ranch in Santa Barbara Spanish style if true.