A new unit of habitability


Jail and habitability unit like two opposing concepts, because the cells are usually not the best example of a pleasant space in which to live. However, the prisoners from the prison of Spoleto, Italy, in collaboration with Aldo Cibic , Corà Tommaso, Marco Ricci and cooperative Tortoioli Comodo, have transformed a cell in a miniature housing.

A cell is a space that has to be adapted to many uses. It has to do as a bedroom, kitchen, office, gym … also must have closets, shelves and, of course, a bathroom. Normally all this comes down to two bunk beds, a toilet, a sink and, hopefully, a table and a chair, but it need not be so.


Based on standard measures of their prison cells, measuring four meters long and nine feet wide-not especially small-, have designed a space that bears no resemblance to a cell, but easily meets all the needs of their tenants need.


Jail House 3

In this room are two beds, different storage areas, a table with two chairs that also serves as a kitchen, a small area for the toilet and one for the sink and shower, although barely visible in the images.

Everything has been thought to millimeter in mind the versatility, trying to make the most of the space, but not the cell becoming an oppressive place for exceeding furnishing it.


It is clear that such a design would be difficult in a prison, because despite all the furniture the prisoners themselves have made ​​the employment workshops-which are the supply of furniture to other centers of the country, for security, in jail any object should be regarded as a weapon or an element of self-harm.

However, it is still a very interesting exercise, because they have managed to distribute and furnish a very intelligent, transforming barren space into one that will definitely spend the day would be much less unpleasant.