A rustic house full of details


Modern houses and perfect straight lines that are both are very well lately but personally, which takes a large country house full of imperfections and detail, to remove everything else. Clearly there is room for everything, but we must recognize that we have a soft spot for this type of decoration.

It is also true that it is a type of decoration that is of some difficulty, since it is optimal to have original antique items, such as flooring, furniture and even doors and windows. Well, and most importantly, the house itself.


We started this little tour of the stay that more often like it when visiting a house is the kitchen, and even more if, like this, shares space with the dining room. And we are a big eater, so the kitchen is one of the rooms in which more hours passed.

As we see in this kitchen rustic, almost all the furniture is made ​​of wood and has an aged look, like it was taken from an old farmhouse, which, moreover, may be perfectly possible.

In the dining area we can see a large wooden table accompanied by a nice rusty metal chairs. A set which, together with the rustic of the work and the ground, it creates a more authentic environment, that takes you a few years back, no doubt.


As for the bedroom, perhaps most catches your eye is the incredible headboard, created from a large wooden tables, old looking, and some even recorded. He is accompanied by two stools that serve as bedside tables, with a black lamps that give a sculptural touch to the whole.

An old set of oars are the only decoration of the bedroom. It is also true that, with these beautiful walls and the headboard, more needs little decoration, really. Furthermore, the lack of decoration makes us look at the spectacular legs hovering below the bed.


We wanted to stay for the end of this rustic house that we liked, by far, and that is the area of ​​the stairs. Despite not being a stay itself, but a place of passage, has been incredibly welcoming. The “fault” must have it the generous window that floods everything natural light, as in the rest of the house, the mixture of solid wood with a rough work.