A warm alcove where you can read and rest

It was not easy to find a title for this article because the term alcove, despite being the most appropriate one, recalled to my mind something luxurious and oriental.However, this was not really what I meant thinking about these particular areas of the house that, at least in my imagination, recall a more lazy and contemplative solitude that is not the heated impulses of the flesh.

A warm alcove where you can read and rest

The alcoves, although they had had for centuries a great architectural dignity inside the houses, are now almost forgotten . Yet, just take a look at the gallery of images to realize that they have lost none of their charm and their warm intimacy.Originally, the alcove was a recess in one of the walls of the house where the bed was placed, and that, during the eighteenth century it expanded even more welcoming furniture, being the alcove become the place where he received his closest friends.
Nowadays it is increasingly rare to own houses within which we can derive these areas for reading and resting, but when this is possible you can really get one of those corners where it is pleasant to stay, where to recharge your batteries after a hectic day at work, or passed through the traffic and bustle of back home.


The alcove in my imagination, it is a niche where you can find and isolate those energies, physical and spiritual, that the modern world, more and more inclined to talk and externality, we subtract .
It is easy to see how the combination bed / sofa and a window appears ideal for this kind of space, more than the window is wide and with a beautiful view, plus it is natural to create, under and around it, a space where you can sit or lie down, where you can read or just relax contemplating the garden.
As a result, it is clear that a window located on the upper floors of the house is one of the ideal places to be able to achieve these nooks and where to let your eyes wander outside .

We then said that the ideal space where you realize the alcove in front of a window (that can also be positioned sideways) located on one of the upper floors of the house. Given these premises, it follows that the environment which faces the window should be particularly pleasing to the eye and the houses of campaigns can ensure this kind of view is not much better than the houses of the city.


Some might wonder why, on a site dedicated to DIY, we’re talking about this particular home environment, and the reason is simple: because the alcoves are structures that, by changing the cubic capacity of the environment, do not require permits, and that More importantly, are easy to achieve in their simpler structures , really affordable for any enthusiast.
As you can see in the gallery, in fact, sometimes you simply take advantage of the width of the sill in order to put the cushions on which to sit and watch outside. However, it is clear that if we want to transform our niche in a place where you can read and rest assolutamete is convenient to create a structure that will allow at least be able to fully extend the legs if not the entire body.