A work area in the kitchen. Good or bad idea?


You are now overgrown, but those who are fans of the series certainly remember that at first Carlitos, of Tell, studying at the kitchen table. And in the Spain of that time, with large families and small houses, often was the only space available to do their homework.

The kitchen, and families have changed a lot since then, but that does not mean that the environment can not be considered at the time as to include a work area, either for children or for adults who work at home .




In the pictures I show you can see some interesting examples. While almost all belong to the meters ample kitchen concept can be adapted to smaller, considering the installation of our working area attached to the counter, on the terrace or adjacent pantry or integrated between furniture.

I like especially the idea because I love to cook and spend time in the kitchen, so if I have the computer there is far more simple I meet both tasks. I think for those of you with school-aged children can also be good to have around to keep an eye and help when in doubt. You do you think, Good or Bad idea?