Advantages and disadvantages of a bed with built-in television


I bet I’m not the only one who never had a TV in their bedroom. On certain days, such as when one is sick and stays lying all day, do check some less, but usually at least I do not remember him at all. Although I do not really like the idea, it stands to reason that a TV built into the bed can have advantages and disadvantages.

A lot of the TV helps them sleep, for they will be excellent option, here the TV at the foot of the bed is left in a unique position to see a movie or your favorite series. But I think there are better ways to invoke Morpheus and a TV at the foot of the bed, causing rather the opposite effect, we can hook us what we are seeing and take on sleeping much more than we would have liked.


Besides aesthetic level is something awful. The TV no longer looks good when hung on the wall that faces the bed, but she is coming directly from worst yet. And so the TV will fit into the bed it has to be bigger than normal, occupying much more space in the bedroom.

The advantage I see to this in particular is that the TV is hidden inside the bedside when we are not using. Is extracted only in the moment in which one wants to see something. So at least it is visible throughout the day, but will only be revealed at specified times.