Advantages and disadvantages of Leather armchairs

Who does not have a leather couch in your home? If you do not have one in your department, before choosing you some tips about their  advantages and disadvantages. The sofa is a very important piece of furniture in the family and has a special place in the living room of any home. This is where you meet all the family members, where they receive visitors and where you rest after a tiring day.

Leather armchairs

Choose this furniture is not easy. We must be informed about its use and care. In addition, we must take into account its size and finish. In this article we focus on the leather, the material as used in the decoration of the home. Leather and its advantages As you know, these sofas are easy to clean and maintain.
Happen only with a damp cloth to remove dust and stains, is sufficient. Moreover, another advantage of leather sofa is its high resistance to shock, so that the leather can remain intact for years and can last long in the house.
Another important aspect is that no frays or tears, and if it is Good quality does not corrode with the sun. The leather and disadvantages Unfortunately, its main disadvantage is its price, since they usually cost more expensive than finished fabric sofas. Moreover, during the winter the leather is cold and hot in summer.