An apartment in Notting Hill full of details


The truth is that this apartment full of details that we want to show is far from the idea that we usually have about English decoration, and almost better, because it is a style that we particularly like.

The apartment is located in the cosmopolitan London’s Notting Hill, belongs to a successful fashion designer, and the truth is that it is full of surprises, starting with the incredible mix of styles that is showing.

We’re definitely at an apartment decorated with bold and original, and will not be liked by many, but we must recognize that the result is not bad, getting to be certainly welcoming. At least surprised that certainly was one of the objectives to furnish and decorate.


We begin our tour of this apartment in the lounge. The distribution of this room is pretty standard, but what really stands out are the details, such as animal heads fake fireplace situated on a completely black, or the spectacular paintings that decorate the walls.

We find it particularly successful the color of the walls, very nice earthy tones. The wooden floor and we have loved greatly helps create that cozy atmosphere that we talked about at the beginning.


Classic and rustic kitchen

The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the rooms that are most appealing to the entire house. The style is a mix of rustic and classic, since we can find a stately chandeliers in the ceiling accompanied by about furniture wooden kitchen and handles some rough virgin, or a large stack that serves as a sink.


The bedroom on the other hand does not have many meters, but it is also very striking stay, but cozy at the same time. Perhaps it is precisely this lack of meters and the small staircase to the bathroom making it so cozy.

The wall of the bed is decorated with a pastel flowered paper, which combines perfectly with retro headboard as well as the overall style of the room. Very nice also to have a large window next to the bed, to wake up with a ray of sun coming-but to be in London will be a bit tricky.

It is, in short, not too big an apartment we liked a lot by the eclectic mix of styles that proposes and, above all, by the amazing and original details that populate it.