An evolution of matter-formal Stairs

The modern stairs are benefited by the use of innovative materials as well as by the technological formal.
Changing times, changing tastes and demands.In the event that we have the opportunity to decide what scale install, what forms and what materials to use, we will have two different types of choice: Installation DIY kit staircases, marketed in special centers, in self or DIY, or ask the ‘experience of an expert designer who will create tailor what we desire. An essential element, artistic, shapes never seen, tailored to our house and our everyday environments.

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In pictures: Timber staircase of Rintal. Scala modular wooden kit, ready for installation. The structure and steps are made of solid beech wood available in two colors, natural and walnut.The scale classically conceived as a link between floors of reinforced concrete, has retired, leaving in its place, innovation, design and functionalism.

Today the stairs between floors are become mere element aesthetic object of desire a unique design, attractive and often astonishing.

They can be suspended in the glass, creating a particular effect of lightness and intangibility, massive and powerful, if they consist of elements of wood driven into the wall overhanging the extent to which the user salt.
Modern stairs to great effect if structured and constituted by a single slab of steel punched and folded creating effects similar to a sheet of paper that creates origami.
In pictures: self-supporting staircase with unique design and unique, Concorde Marretti.

Straight or curved?
The possibilities are endless when you consider the spiral staircases that wind as fused perfectly formed and flawless. These elements of extreme beauty are molded growing between the two plans as if their main function was only to leave the viewer in awe. Contemporary works of art with function to elevate the upper floor in all senses, physical, intellectual and psychological.
Solutions of great features for modern stairs are also developed in a straight line, creating a practical bookshelf at the bottom of the large capacity.
Another possibility is to create a link of steel avviluppandolo around a central element tortile developed solely in height, from which depart the steps elegant and essential also in metallic material.

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