Apartment Apinagés in Brazil. Everything is born on a shelf

Brazil continues unabated in the race to be a (good) reference design . Restaurants, homes and businesses are taking advantage of an explosion of ideas and freshness that are redefining the image of the country.Further proof is this apartment in São Paulo that a single resource, a bookshelf, is able to impart the whole personality of the house. The credit goes to Zoom Urbanism, architecture-and design .

Apartment Apinagés by Zoom Urbanismo

The Apinagés apartment is the top floor of an old four storey building located in the neighborhood of Perdizes. It has 109 square meters and its inhabitants are a young couple.

Apartment Apinagés in São Paul

Being a stately home , the apartment retained some typical elements of these buildings such as large windows, high ceilings and wood quality in good condition . But he had a problem: the original distribution had created enclosed spaces without direct lighting or ventilation . This, ultimately, had deteriorated siding walls in these rooms.

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Optimize space has therefore been the starting point of Ortenblad Guilherme Augusto Cattails and Fernão Morato, those responsible for this project.

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And in this case passes through integrating different rooms : kitchen, living and dining room are open and connected, while the bedrooms and two bathrooms are articulated around a public area adjacent to the hall.

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This open area is the most interesting project because, first, also opens to the terrace, and therefore the city through large windows, creating a bond not only with the living but also the kitchen .

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But it is a shelf which becomes the focus of attention. First because it connects the living room and kitchen, extending to the furniture of the latter. And then that it is formed by cubes, aligned at different heights, creating holes, form cabinets and shelves .

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Visually also distinguished by their yellow and drilling into cylinders. These holes, which follow the shapes of the constellations according to the study explained, serve, in turn, of handles .

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The strength of the yellow becomes the most powerful visual element to stand out from the parquet floors, white walls and beams.

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Another interesting element are the pillars of exposed concrete framing the walls and ceilings of the dining room.

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In the bedrooms also appear yellow and drilled cubes . While the appeal of leaving the exposed concrete has been used for bathing.    

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