Apartment Art Nouveau in Brussels

The artists of the turn of the century covered all kinds of styles, and when it comes to interior design and architecture is no exception worth. Not everything would be absinthe and decay, so your own ideas and aesthetic of free spirits played an important role in the birth of modernism, and thus innovative designs for many decades influenced many artists. A good example is this Brussels apartment so light, owned by designer Elena Barenghi, where he lives with his 13 year old daughter Athena.


Born in the French part of Switzerland, raised in Italy and having lived in London, New York and Brussels, Elena’s style is full of vibrant mixtures, which is reflected in his own apartment. Product of his passion for art, Elena opened a boutique in Brussels called EM72, and in his own apartment one can see many influences from the world of fashion and design that combine between them perfectly. “I learned a lot here in Brussels as far as aesthetics are concerned,” says Elena herself. “I love the way they have so refined it all together here without falling in a traditional style.”

hallway design

Elena was looking for something different for decorarar his house and found him in Brussels. Located in the fashionable area of ​​Brugmann, this spacious apartment with large windows out from the rest of Hausmann style buildings that surround it. It was designed by a student of Belgian architect Hector Guimard, known for having introduced the style “art nouveau” architecture. There is a Victorian house, but it shows a very innovative layout with open spaces typical of period houses. Its design is not as flashy and lacks the style so characteristic curves “art nouveau” but a unique elegance and simplicity, with double height ceilings and a mezzanine certainly very innovative.


Having purchased an almost ruinous state, Elena was given the task of completely renovating the house. With the close collaboration of the architect Pierre Lhaos, threw everything down and started from scratch to decorate respecting its original structure, painting everything white and leaving the original fireplace as the main element of the stay. “I wanted to give him back his soul,” says Elena. “I do not like to change things without sense, so I thought I would respect the heritage and original design of the building. My intention was to create a pleasant space to live a peaceful and quiet area, but with positive energy. ”

upstairs design

The living room is cleverly divided by a mezzanine library and that Elena used as his office. For the room of her daughter, created a cozy ‘integrated’ room in another room so respecting open spaces.

landing design

His style is described as simple, creative, light, and above all intuitive. “It’s poetry, when it comes to designing the study years do not count. Inspiration comes from within you. In my projects is nothing rational, nothing calculated quite the contrary, it’s all natural, “he confesses.


“My background includes a mix of different cultures and traditions, from Jewish to Catholic, bourgeois or bohemian. I have lived in many places and traveled so much that I ended up a little every place ‘absorbing. Applying this spirit based on the doctrine of free thought in their work surely would have earned the respect and admiration of their pioneering predecessors.

bedroom design