Apartment Bilbao with vintage touches


We found an apartment in Bilbao, specifically in a 1930s building, which has been borne decoration for interior Fran Ugarte and Iñaki Cuesta. These designers have managed, in our view, create a friendly atmosphere, which certainly invites you to spend long hours chatting with friends.

This apartment with vintage touches Bilbao enjoys an enviable lightness as well as a large number of exclusive pieces brought from different parts of the world, which also gives an ethnic touch we love.


Focusing on the living room, we can see that is full of armchairs and sofas in different styles, but maintain a good balance, so that nothing gets to “squeak”. You can see how smoothly coexist modern red sofa with one of classic and elegant style.

As already discussed, the apartment is full of unique wooden pieces-especially-that give an ethnic, such as the majestic piece of wood shaped plug, which acts as a table, and has been acquired in the Philippines.


Reading Zone

They have seen fit to enable a small reading corner featuring a stunning blue armchair. I would like us to have somewhere like this in our house to enjoy a good book, but we fear that the meters are too limited.


Panton chairs Dining

The dining room is in a separate room, and consists of a round table with marble top and four Panton chairs. They are one of our favorite chairs, or anything, but we must recognize that the whole is pretty good. Furthermore, the breakdown of red cushions perfect fare.


Retro Kitchen

The kitchen is rather modest in size, but appears to be equipped with everything you need to give regular use. It also has that vintage touch that we talked about earlier, boosted mainly by the tiled floor and white tiles to the ceiling, a classic.


We ended the tour in the bathroom, which has also made ​​use of the same tiles, but we have incorporated as useful modern elements like concealed cistern. But surely what is striking is the large bathroom sink with the faucet on the wall, very convenient and comfortable to use.