Apartment decor perfect


When a reform, as well as update the decor is essential to fully exploit the available space, which have been carried out brilliantly in this study of Brooklyn that I bring today. Studies also have the difficulty of combining in a single room of the house several functions, as in the picture you have on these lines where you can see the bed and the dining area “before”.

The empty walls and furniture disjointed, each different, which together with the bare walls give a feeling of solitude rather important. I know that the comments are going to mention it, so I tell you also: new photos of the “before” have made the night, so everything looks more “sad” and off.


In the “after” you can see how they have made ​​a reform, which have removed the false ceiling, and created a sort of “bridge” which have embedded halogens. They have also completed the area with a shelf full of books you saw the wall was bare.

The curtains on the windows also help make the room cozier, and the dining area has been replaced by a gathering area bounded by the couch, the chair and the carpet in front of the fireplace. See how well have put a cardboard reindeer head and a cabinet to gain storage space.


Here is the gathering area around the fireplace before the reform, where we have a Persian carpet type, along with the chair and a couple of tables supported both on the ground and in the chimney. Although there are more decoration than in the first image, there is much potential to extract.


In the “after” see how they used the space next to the fireplace to put another shelf, while television have been placed on the ledge of it. I like the detail of the metal box and orchids, which enliven this corner.


The study of pre-reform Brooklin

Ended up seeing how they have transformed the kitchen with outdated furniture and appliances and a background of tiles in a more current. Look how it’s wasted all the furniture too high for a small and rare remaining bell tubes out above all.


As I say, the main difference is in the fridge now is newer and metallic. They have changed the lighting, formerly a ceiling while there are more light through the halogens and created a breakfast bar in the foreground also have used to put more books, and over it a couple of lamps with they have more light in the room.

In short, I like a lot what you have done with this apartment, even if we ignore that in the “after”, as always, have improved light. I think that here we have several good ideas to make as to use the space under the breakfast bar as priority bookshelves or gathering area on a dining room furniture chosen haphazardly. What convinces ye study reform in Brooklyn?