apartment modern decor


This Parisian apartment between bohemian and modern has us totally in love lately. Since I discovered a few days ago we could not stop analyzing every detail of the decor, looking for the keys to creating that atmosphere so nice, seemingly scruffy but in which there is nothing random.

The apartment is located in the Marais district of Paris, specifically in a building dating from 1650, hence we assume that the incredible windows and ceilings so high, and its owner is a fashion designer who loves to mix the hippie modern.


It is clear that, as already mentioned, in the decoration of this apartment there is nothing random, and the proof is the furniture chosen, in which each piece is a marvel by itself, like chairs or side tables wood.

But surely what catches the attention of this living room is the incredible light available, the result of the high windows and the intensive use of light colors on walls, curtains and carpets.

And do not think that we have not noticed the impressive roof beams. Not only we have set, but has been one of the first details that have caught the attention of this apartment. And is that the ceilings with wooden beams are something we love, and even more so when combined with white walls and so carefully decorated.


Focusing on the dining room we can see that, although it shares space with the living room, the style is more sober, and more content. A simple, but really nice, rectangular wooden table and two types of retro style chairs, also very simple.


The small kitchen is also integrated into the living room, but does not share the same ground. In fact, instead of making a perfect separation between the floor of the kitchen and the living with some type of joint-view have left, so you see exactly where just wooden slats and start the cement, creating that feeling I spoke at the beginning, as scruffy.

In short, an apartment that has managed to combine perfectly a bohemian or hippie style with modern touches, creating a pleasant environment, and we’ve taken note of some good ideas for our house.