arch wall decor

You are looking for something bold and sophisticated – a collection of decorative wall decor that expresses your interior decorating style. Architectural elements are a fashionable solution when decorating rooms with expansive walls and tall ceilings. Oversized wall decor that mimics ancient carved stone fragments is ideal in two-story foyers and spacious stairwells. Our Ancient Ruins Tall Arched Window exudes exceptional quality, exquisite detail and unique artistic form.

Small Arched Framed Punched Tin Wall Art Decor Mirror W/ Flowers is available in 3 metallic shades and measures 14 inches by 12 inches. This framed, decorative metal wall art decor mirror is hand tool by master craftsmen. Most of our tin mirrors, iron framed mirrors, as well as our tin/tile framed mirrors come it three colors: Natural(silver), Copper and oxidized. Please choose from the drop down menus. Colors vary slightly from what you see so expect variations.

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