Armored doors and windows for security

There is no doubt that the safety of our home is very important, in order to allow our family to live quiet. To do this we must make sure to include the materials listed for the woodwork of the house (doors, stairs, etc..), They must have some characteristics that become key pieces to feel protected, especially when it comes to the doors of household income and windows.  If you’re planning to renew these items or are you projecting your new home, you can guide you through the doors and windows security that follows, as insurance will allow you and your family live more peacefully.

Armored doors for security

Reinforced doors
The most secure are the armored doors, because both the structure and the framework that is attached to the wall are steel. To provide improved aesthetics in place, they can be coated on both the interior and exterior decorative panels that allow to combine with other woodworking.

This type of door has a very complete security suite, as it has built-in security lock, center shield, ring of steel and reinforced swing system and protected. Besides its impact resistance, these doors are ideal for isolating noise, cold and fire.  If you do not want to change your door, but want to improve you security, a good solution is to add a lock and high security handle, along with a key incopiale which although more expensive, the investment is worth it. Also you can add multiple locking points independent of each other, and reinforce the hinges.

Security windows

Armored windows for security
In case you want to strengthen the security of your windows, a good alternative is the placement of bars or blinds. As for the former is ideal for low plants, may opt for forging or aluminum.

Furthermore, the shutters are recommended for separate houses or terraced beyond plants are also used in low or attics. The aluminum ideals are those that have a self-locking system, because they do not allow themselves to be forced or lifted.

However, these elements become unnecessary if we multilayered glass windows, as these while not unbreakable, do not allow people to get through. These windows are made of a type of glass with security films together, that even if they are damaged broken glasses glued to the sheets, a fact that makes the window in an impassable stretch mesh. Another option are combined safety glasses, which are also characterized by preventing injuries while providing superior acoustic and thermal insulation for the house.