Art of decorating with mirrors

If an object with magical conditions for excellence that is the mirror. Adored by some, reviled by others, the main protagonist of children’s stories (that extraordinary hand mirror of the stepmother of Snow White ) or genre classics like the mirror “abominable “Borges and Bioy, mirror decoration is triggered almost irreconcilable likes and dislikes and decorate with mirrors has become an art.

Home Decorating mirrors

Since the late seventeenth century Venetian factories create mirrors of large bills, use in decoration is a tool like many others that depend on the taste of each person if conflicting preferences when decorating. Different decorative trends used, abused or loathe them as fashion happens with long skirts, wide leg pants or skirts folds. No problem. The feng shui can come to our aid and remind us where and how to use mirrors to generate or channel good energy of our home that, after all is, and express it or not, the purpose of decorating our home: creating a interconnection between us and our living space.
Anyway, if you go for the decor mirrors we make a number of recommendations of proven results, as mirrors are an option for any decor.

Advantages of decorating with mirrors
Bring light and create feeling of more space , something of great importance in increasingly smaller houses as current.
They can highlight the importance of other decorative piece for their simple reflection.
Let sizes, shapes and visual games almost impossible to achieve with other elements.

Secrets of decorating with mirrors
Use them against walls covered; advantage to reflect the parts that you like in your home. It reflects badly decorative effect of a blank wall.
Try that mirrors reflect light, while avoiding it to avoid glaring head or create glare.
If your house or the room is small , why not try to use frameless mirrors?
Another fun option: placing them in unexpected places. On a shelf for books, flat on the floor …
Calculates the space of a mirror or large box and fill with small mirrors and different styles.

And now, after seeing how you can decorate with mirrors, what do you think of the mirror as a decoration ?


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