Bathroom furniture silver

An unusual kind of bathroom is to silver, we can resume both in the furniture and in the chrome finish of the shower, accessories and other items in a bathroom.


Why choose the color silver?

Personally I would choose the silver if I wanted to give brightness to a room, I remind you that the silver surface reflects light transporting it from wall to wall. In addition, this color helps to enrich the environment by offering a feeling of prestige, high quality materials and visual pleasure.

But let’s see some examples and discuss the various combinations.

Gallery furniture silver

Surely the silver is reminiscent of a luxurious, chic, which is why you’ll see many images that are classic contemporary style, but there are also many other types of furniture solutions for simple or modern and contemporary. Let’s see …

A demanding choice would be to find health by the color gray glossy dark or silver . In this case the prices for your project might rise too much, so if you do not want to deal with the expense of a certain kind, we can be content even to paint the walls a dark gray or light gray and adopt other interior elements such as chrome following.

In addition to these, there are also mirrors, roll holder, towel racks as pictured below and a silver vase with flowers.We can also pick you carry the silver on the wall, in the form of mosaic , enriched with different tones and darker than lighter.

Then there are those who no limits and want to enjoy the magic of a bathroom furniture silver in its most ruthless, hosanna that luxury, pomp and does not care about anything else. This is the case of an interior modern classic. Here are some examples …


It is an original and innovative way to change style to your bathroom, but it is also very challenging achieve it. So if you decide to go this route, consider a bigger budget than usual.








Silver Bathroom furniture