Bathroom in bedroom examples

Not everyone has the opportunity to be a bath room in the master bedroom. But for the people who can we have beautiful examples.

Bathroom in bedroom (1)

The bath room may in part have been closed or the shower can lite rally in the middle of your bedroom. The benefit if you exit the bath room still with a glass plate or something like that is that there is not too much moisture in the bedroom. There are different Double-double or ideas in this interior. An advantage of this idea is that you can keep for your self and the bedroom with no one needs the parts.

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There are of course other choices are possible. For example, it is a idea to only to place a sink in the bedroom. And still the bath room somewhere else in the House. So you may find yourself still freshen up in the morning or before bed without walking up and down between the bath room and bedroom.

Bathroom in bedroom (4)

The picture below was tasks at Fletcher Hotel Amsterdam, super nice design. I would visit this hotel only if you are with your partner. It seems to us to be very awkward if you’re out there sharing with your father.

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