Bathroom Storage Ideas

The bathroom should not be one of the most important storage spaces of home and yet always find the need to save more and more things (useful or not) that we will have on hand at any time. Precisely, and although we love the bright and spacious baths, most households do not opt ​​for the more minimalist styles but for those that are beautiful as well as very functional. If you were thinking about redecorating this space and would like to make the most notes any of these ideas, can be very useful!

Storage Units

– When choosing the furniture completely forget minimalist furniture just have a small drawer and commitment that incorporate compact furniture at bottom a good cabinet for storage, where you can store everything from clothing to soaps bath vanity through or to the medicine cabinet.

– Complementary furniture: If the space is small prescindas better than them, but if you have enough meters attach occasional furniture (cabinets, for example) is an excellent resource to store not only health and beauty products but also eg bathroom cleaning.

– Take advantage of the space above the toilet to put some high shelves or a small vinyl organizer, because in this area of ​​the bathroom not used to being on foot and therefore there is no danger of shock.

– Remember the typical American mirrors over the sink? You too can use to place a mirror on a piece of furniture that lets you store small things, are most helpful!

– If you do not know where to put the soaps and shampoos in the bath you have several options: If you have enough space, a good resource is to use a hanging rack on either side or in the corner of the shower, but if the space is too low the best you can do is buy a dispenser to hang on the wall so that, when filling, and you can get rid of packaging.

– Use towel racks are very useful and just take up space in the room.

– Take the inside of the door (the one facing the bathroom) to place hangers or even small fabric hangers for storage: There you can store towels, slippers or beauty products, for example.

A good way to use furniture and shelves without cluttering the space is visually enhance the natural light in the environment and use furnishings and light decor that will help create larger spaces visually.

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Bathroom Storage Ideas

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