Bathroom with heated towel racks

A good solution to enjoy at a pleasant temperature bath at the same time to have dry towels and toasty is installing a heated towel rack. Installing a heated towel rack just straightforward. The variety and originality of the designs of these towel makes it impossible not to find one that best suits your bathroom.

heated towel racks

What you need to know to install an electric towel rail
One of the things you have to be clear when you go to install an electric towel rail is to calculate the power that best suits the size of your bathroom and climate of the area where you live. The key is finding W/m2 value will depend on the harshness of the winters of the place of your residence, the type of insulation in your home and the square footage of the bathroom.

Once you’ve determined the right power for your towel, you can choose from many models and designs. Some come with an additional panel down that can function as dryer. Others are standing towel brand as well as heating Oxil that towels work as a practical piece of furniture for the bathroom.

Some of the more daring designs of towel warmers play with colors and shapes that dare to break with classic lines. An example of this is the electric towel rails Needo. In models of Z-steel design the geometry of the elements of the towel confers a very special and therefore are an addition to functional, decorative for your bath.

In terms of prices, from about 165 € and you can find a towel warmer. Yes, if you are looking to further warming and drying bathroom towels , you want a decorative element in your bathroom the price rises more.


Add a functional element to your bathroom
With an electric towel rail will warm towels out of the bathroom, a comfortable feeling on cold days, consume very little, act as a radiator to maintain a comfortable temperature in the bathroom while you shower and they can add a touch of design. The temperature of the heated towel rails can be controlled via a termoestato so that power consumption can be further optimized.