Bathrooms Designs By Karim Rashid


Again Karim Rashid delights us with its colorful designs, funny and innovative, with your child touch in some cases. This section is dedicated to the most important accessories a bathroom, bathtubs and sinks, as can be seen using different materials in their manufacture and of course, full of bright colors on some models that border on the garish. The truth is that there is a design that continues to draw attention for its form and composition is not well suited for that as bathrooms, and swimmers …. however like and surprise, and deep down we all have a useful purpose and if above are funny rather than better.

Once again Karim Rashid informs us of his latest colorful designs, gracious and innovative, Along with designs for the young at heart. This section we dedicate to the compliments Most Important in the bathroom, the bath and the wash basins, as you can appreciate the range of different materials in Which He has fabricated them, as of course not forgetting to add the brilliant colors I’ve Achieved reaching the unreachable limits. The truth is, is there any Design that does not Attract your attention by its form and composition? Although They are not suitable for every bathroom and bather, They surprise us and at the end of the day although the singular purpose doing lot if They are amusing all the better.


Karime Rashid BathTub