Bathtubs with a view


It seems just this weekend, with cold and rain looming, the right to present these wonderful baths with views, but then again, what better way to let your imagination transport us to these wonderful bath in which to relax admiring the scenery for these cloudy days more bearable.

The quintet that I will show, I decided to start with the bathtubs with views of the resort’s suites Amangiri , I showed you not long ago as an example of integration between architecture and landscape , as well enjoy something that much in this bathroom.


The following selected bathtub is a house designed by the architectural firm Robert Gurney , u na anthropomorphic gorgeous contrast to the rectilinear geometry of Mondrian-style large window yet blends into the lush forest surrounding the house.

As if that were not enough, a fireplace and all, perfect for hide in the bathroom both in the warm summer evenings in the cold winter nights, but apparently seen, sure the house has many other amenities that will lure us out of the bath.


Bathtubs with a view – 3

It also contrasts with the background, but in this case due to the material chosen and not just organic form, this bathtub designed by Claudia Danelon , whose name speaks directly to the intentions of its creator: beyond bath, meaning, beyond the bathroom .

Pietraluce constructed from a composite glossy black glossy black look similar to ceramic, but much more accurate in giving a concrete shape, this bathtub rivals the beauty of the forest is cut behind her.


Another of my favorites is bathtubs overlooking this in a small window that frames an idyllic Swiss. It’s not as luxurious or ornate as its predecessors, but it is equally desirable to take a relaxing bath with this wonderful picture.

I also like the contrast that produces the simple lines and colors of the interior, dominated by neutral tones like white drawings on the walls and the tub faucet steel and dark brown wood with chromatic joy outside, filled with millions of green and blue.


Bathtubs with a view – 5

To finish, I could not miss a tub that dominate the city, as does this on Mexico City from the heights of the Hotel District, designed by French architect Joseph Dirand . It may be a shame for privacy advocates, but to take a dip scrutinizing the city, must be all a joy.

As I know I must have left the bathtub overlooking the sea, my leave with the most spectacular I’ve found, those of Huvafen Fushi resort in the Maldives, offering a paradisiacal vision of turquoise water and white sand.