Be artistic with paint for your home

There are plenty of ways for people to express themselves, and one of these ways is to add some color to your home. Through colors that can bring new life to a room, and maybe this is your house has to be more welcoming and feel like a real home. As you can see, there are many things you can do to your home with the help of the right color of paint and a little creativity. To discern the color, regardless of the general recommendation to go for light colors in small spaces and / or low light and leave the dark only large and bright spaces, have in mind the following.


When buying paint, do not rely on tones that are in the sample letters:
the piece is so small and there are so many like that can throw you off easily. It is best to take an object with the exact color you want. For example a piece of cloth or cushion.If you are very picky, once home, pt 1 square meter of wall and waits for the next day. Go watching the pitch as lighting conditions change: natural light, at night … The changes might not like. Plus you’ll see how fabrics combine with him, or the color of the furniture.
The best practice for the walls of home are plastic paint because it is odorless, dries fast and his remains are removed with water. With a kilo of plastic paint, the better for the walls of the house, you can paint about 8 square meters.

Paint the stairs

No stairs are needed plain and simple, but opt ​​for a two color scheme. Make sure the two matching colors. The bands and steps must have different colors, and finally finish the look with a fun message painted on the wings. This will make your family and guests smile.

If you are using the right colors can make magic in relation to the apparent size of the room. In case you would like to make the ceiling look higher, you must use the same color on the walls too. Naturally, this also works in reverse.

Linking rooms
Before deciding on the colors to be used for interior walls, you should also consider the look of your house if the doors are open. This is why it is important to harmonize the colors. It might be a good idea to use different shades of the same color throughout the house.

You can choose from these different paint finishes:
Satin plastic paint. It’s a bright paint. Leave a finer finish, but it is more difficult to implement than the matte painting, so it is recommended for ceilings. It also resists better over time and dirt.
Matte plastic paint. The matt paint is easier to apply but it gets dirty more. If the walls have many irregularities, dissimulate matte painting better.

Remove plastic paint chips. To remove residual droplets on surfaces or easily wiping with a cloth or damp cloth as they are paintings that dissolve in water.
Acrylic paint or vinyl waterproof (oil painting).

This type of paint for its strength and durability, are recommended for painting rooms in the house like the kitchen or bathroom where moisture vapors and paint deteriorate.

Remove traces of acrylic paint. You will have to use the type of solvent to indicate the product manufacturer.