Beamed Ceilings

Like everything in the world of fashion, the tradition is reinvented and returns to be trendy. In this post I talked about the wooden beams on the ceilings as a fashion, without having reached to march at all, turns stomping on interior decoration. This is to give a return to traditional country style concept for, with the same element differently combined, achieve a very contemporary look.

Oak beamed ceiling

The wooden beams at sight on a wall, ceiling or floor of a room always brings a rustic but associated along this article you will see how you can get a very chic style if we combine them with appropriate decorative elements. They have always been an element of great power decorative and today, besides keeping a benchmark for warming the rustic decorations austere spaces, the beams are being used in many other styles, such as eclectic or Nordic inspiration that seeks communion between modern with some old item.

They also have added functionality and is often used as a support for various types of lighting and dormers and vaulted areas are striking and recommended.We opt for the traditional rustic style, with dark wood or unrefined furniture accompanied by the same material and stone or ceramic coatings.

But what is coming is harder combining this element with styles “total white” or minimalist as those we present below:

New rooms, such as kitchens or contemporary rooms also surrendered to this trend:

We leave some more inspiring images where the combination of exposed wood on ceilings with contemporary styles gets fantastic results.
Beam ceilings StockBeamed Ceilings

Beamed Ceilings Design Idea


Box Beamed Ceilings


Lighting For Beamed Ceilings

living room beamed ceiling white sofas

meridith baer spanish style house living room beamed ceilings



Vaulted Wood-beam Ceiling