Beautiful bedroom with full decoration for houses


Last week we witnessed except remodeling Hotel The Lodge at Sierra Nevada. A small hotel of only 20 rooms in a privileged place in the popular ski resort in southern Spain, and has recently been acquired by the Marbella Club, with the idea that customers could enjoy a day at the beach and another snow without shifting too much.

The entire interior has been made ​​by the Studio Andrew Martin, famous for performing the movie sets most glamorous spy movie history, Bond, James Bond, during the eighties and creator of the most prestigious award in the industry of interior design, “Interior Designer Award of the Year”. And with this presentation we will look at the impressive work of the British study.


What catches the attention of The Lodge is your logs outside resembling a cabin rustic American. Therefore you can not imagine the luxury and style that you find through the doors.

Before there complaints that I have just one comment that mammoth tusk found in the Siberian steppe is authentic. Absolutely all skins, antlers and carpets are synthetic fabrics, but I have to say it cost us realize that seem natural.

ElLodge-suite habitación 1

The rooms are simple but very comfortable and what stands out is the technology, since fur blankets on the beds, hair cushions and vintage mirrors, framed posters accompanied ski motifs on the walls of logs are perfect to recreate an American film trappers, but collide latest model TV consoles and games for leisure time.

Upon entering the bathroom we realize that the room is divided into three parts, presevando the privacy of the bidet and the toilet bowl, the huge Jacuzzi tub and toilet TV and sink.


All rooms have a bunk on the cabinet and the coffee machine.

The small dining room completely surrounded by windows from which you can admire the tracks is also decorated with framed posters classic Chamonix, Gstaad, Curtain and other European resorts. The walls look gray and a nice wooden tables are washed in the same range. The chairs are classic also washed in gray and has a burlap upholstery.


On the tables a deer antler lamps large, imitating the old hunting areas illuminate the great room. The entire hotel is full of small details, large grizzlies arranged with their skis, sleds antique wooden tables, carpets resemble tree trunks cut in half, etc..

ElLodge-lampara-cornamenta 2


The seating area called The Lounge is one of the most special. Zinc tables with the year 1721, Xander Jager, commercial director Andrew Martin, with whom we had the privilege to chat, made ​​us think why this date, for laughing say:

On this date nothing happened! That is why we have chosen!


Dilapidated leather Chesterfield sofas (this time genuine) puff coexist with cowhide rugs and they deserve a full stop, since labels are made ​​known international brands. The lounge also features a large screen and theater seating up pac man machines.

ElLodge-ellounge 2

The spa, easy, relaxed, is the most modern hotel. With recycled old wine boxes as makeshift shelves for towels. Also the video club, iron in a cupboard next to the reception is original and fun with all candaditos.

ElLodge-silla-cebra 2

A bar with upholstered chairs “skin” loving zebra and velvet armchairs by the fireplace where a deer head presides most endearing home. And as a safe a huge terrace overlooking the ski lifts track Monachil climbing, with its giant braziers with warm blankets and chairs to enjoy the mountain sun.


By the way, I’ve gone without dwarves, but there is a Minimundo, with a special area for the kids, other than conducting classes hotel ski, etc..

Every single detail, antique trunks for corridors, cowhide rugs, vintage refrigerators for ice and to uilizados ethnic drums as tables or antler sconces, get a special atmosphere.

ElLodge-apliques-cuernos 2

A great work that Andrew Martin has done to The Lodge at Sierra Nevada.