beautiful chairs


For many years, the quintessential garden chairs are those white plastic stackable to infinity and the only difference was the designer’s imagination when drilling the seat and back to not accumulate water.

In my opinion, are the ugliest chairs I’ve ever seen, and they are uncomfortable, too low and with arms too big to sit at the table, and too high to be an armchair. Oblò, by contrast, comes to tell us that the garden chairs can also be beautiful.


This chair is the result of the Mediterranean union between Italian designer Paola Navone and the French company Triconfort , Spanish Group Kettal , the truth is that it seems to have something of the three countries bordering the same sea.

Despite being made ​​of aluminum, which gives lightness and durability, an air mixture of the plastic chairs and old iron. I especially like the cutting and the shape of the back, reminiscent of the chair # 7 of Jacobsen , a classic.

What’s not enthusiastic about it are the arms, which look like a later addition, the truth is that without it I would have preferred. Visually lighter, more versatile. Still, captivating design.