beautiful eighteenth century apartment in Lyon


I do not know what happens, but every day I like old and new least, maybe that’s why I find it very inspiring this lovely apartment in Lyon eighteenth century, an eclectic atmosphere in which the building’s history plays a crucial role.

Its owner, Helen, decorator by profession, fell in love with the on sight, perhaps because of its location in the center of the city, perhaps for the wonderful light coming through the windows, or likely to be living in a piece of history, with those windows, those doors, these moldings …


Probably with enough room to describe this apartment. A large space with high ceilings that are mixed in chairs that look fresh from a garden in Tuscany with gilded mirrors full of arabesques, everything well accompanied by crisp white walls and wooden floors spectacular.

In the living room, we can see in the first image, this aesthetic is maintained wooden furniture, vintage touches, sometimes colonial, sometimes American, French … around a little. I also like industrial air railing black painted steel.


In other areas of the house, like the bathroom and the kitchen has been elegantly combined old with new, creating an interesting contrast between the doors giving access to space and modernity prevails in the interior, especially in the bathroom.

The kitchen is a good place also reflects the eclectic style that prevails throughout the house. The countertop and cabinets are unquestionably modern, but the tiling and how to place the utensils on this recalls the old kitchens, like the legs of the table and chairs.


The bedroom can not escape this nonchalantly, as if we randomly placed furniture in eighteenth century palace, which still maintains its rococo style details like the fireplace or the mirror, yet with a contemporary interpretation in terms of distribution and placement of furniture.

Undoubtedly, an apartment in which I’m sure we’d all like to live. By the light, by history, by the delicacy with which it has been decorated with the stay, and because all we ever wanted to live in a palace of the eighteenth century.