Bed backrests upholstered with leather

The back of a bed without doubt can give a particular style to a bedroom. Today we will refer simply to the backs upholstered in leather or imitation leather.The backs of leather upholstered bed or imitation leather may be of different size from the width of the bed or mattress to cover the back wall of the bed. Designs can range from the typical quilted, quilted various forms varinantes of free and creative. The upholstered headboards are not only visually beautiful but also functional since according to the material used for filling can be very functional.

Backrest Leather For Bed

Having the backing of bed a central position in the bedroom, is highly visible, hence the importance of good design. The possibility with the use of leather or imitation leather is the great variation of textures and colors and the ease of cleaning. The leather also gives a certain level in the room and is very durable, besides having a “dignified old age.”

The bedroom is always more elegant if our bed has a headboard , you will see that if you have and you put one, you will capture all eyes of all those who see your bedroom. Keep reading and learn how to upholster the headboard of your bed . The result can be very different depending on the fabric you use, but it has to suit the decor of your bedroom (the colors of the walls and / or furniture).

Get the headboard of your bed or buy a timber to make the dimensions of the width of the bed or a little more to come out on both sides of your bed and make this look bigger.
Measures mark over the foam . These have to be the same as those of the table two inches on each sides of the table. It has to be larger than the table where we will put because the foam has to cover a side of the table and a piece of the opposite side, as if embracing the board. The foam you can buy at the same store where you buy the fabric to upholster the table you want.
The next step is to cut the foam with scissors following the marks of the measures that you marked in the previous step. The width of the foam is usually standard, which will not be hard to cut.
Put the headboard on the floor or on top of a long table and cover it with foam and soft comfortable to be back. You have to bend the foam board protruding to the rear of this and stapled. Every 2 or 3 centimeters puts a clamp on the edge of the foam around the panel. So the foam is properly tight.

A foam stapled once at the head , do the same with the fabric you’ve chosen. First you have to put any fabric in the sole to avoid staining the fabric with which you upholster the headboard. After tines that stretch the cloth on the ground or on a long table with the wrong side up, and then put the side of the headboard covered with foam on top. Thus being the foam at the floor, down.
As with the foam, fabric measures also have to be higher than those of the board. But in this case will be about 7 inches higher because we have to have the thickness of the foam that we have above. Then cut the necessary measures with scissors.

Put staples in the back of the board at the edge of the fabric, placing a staple every 2 or 3 inches and try to shoot well from the fabric, to equal that we have done previously with the foam. So avoid remaining wrinkles in the headboard.
You can put the headboard in your bedroom and enjoy it resting your back on the table when you read a book before bedtime. You’ll get a quilted headboard and fashion.Once you trim your headboard, you must know how to attach the headboard to the wall . Also, you can see here ideas on how to make a wooden headboard to the bed , with a curtain rod or how to paint .

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