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Summer is synonymous with hot , muggy and often is characterized by the dreams tormented by the heat .But for all those who until now have had no trouble sleeping with the heat came a revolution, its name is B Fan .Produced by Brookston , it is a conditioner designed specifically for your bed, as it supplies fresh air directly under the sheets. With Bed Fan is no more need to have the air conditioner from room on, but it goes directly to the point, reaching the bed and endocrinologist.

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The air conditioner will adjust in height adapting perfectly to any type of bed. There are devices worthy of teleshopping that deserve our attention. Is this Bedfan case, a sort of table fan that attaches to the bed to generate air under the sheets. This invention manages to create an air flow from the foot of the bed to the head. And of course, inflate a little bed. The intention is that anyone can sleep even in the hottest summer nights. ‘s wit is connected to the conventional electricity and launches a couple of small fans that run with a current of 12 volts. The air flow never becomes annoying (so they say, although we can hardly believe it) it can be adjusted with a remote control (with cable) included, which can be placed under the pillow or next to our mattress. A benefit the invention that does not require installation.

Simply place the device so that your small fin is positioned between the mattress and box spring of the bed. When making the bed, take care that the air outlet of the equipment fits under the sheets, so you do not miss the air stream. The manufacturer recommends using certain quality sheets, so that the air does not escape through the fabric stitches.


Intended for anyone who has sleep problems reconciling the heat, but do not recommend it for couples with different body temperatures, and that can become another reason to dispute in the marriage bed. Do not get your bed is made ​​one but it is possible to sleep with the sheet lying even in the hottest summer nights. Bedfan is produced in Texas (USA) and can be purchased through their website by 89 dollars, about 57 euros, plus another $ 58 (37 euros) in respect of international shipping to Spain. A price that, according to the manufacturer, is amortized with significant savings in air conditioning getting their customers.


Equipped with control wireless and backlight , so as to be easily spotted even during the night, it is really easy to use and install.

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