Bedroom & bathroom in paris


A few hours after the end of the year, has caught my attention this apartment in the City of Lights. Paris has charmless districts then have what we all outsiders, the wonderful Paris gates that guard the mansions as we see today in the elegant Faubourg Saint Germain.

Work Interior Decorator Jean Louis Denoit, who had to re design the entire house, and that over the years, each owner had been adding walls, slamming doors or changing the windows and above all, giving prominence to the input, which is always a prelude to what we will find. I particularly like the bedroom with bathroom.



A bathroom in neutral tones, fully lined with an air decadent marble, accented by niches that are on the doors and have paths pots (not sure if true or mere reproductions) or neoclassical amphora. The whole room has that gives the marble neoclassical and checkerboards.

On the walls a butterfly collection framed in simple black frames give prominence to the insects, personally am not very fond of collections of insects, but I recognize that this is going perfectly-style bath house.

The bedroom, gray tones, exudes tranquility and opulence, great white marble fireplace with a marble figure also contrasting with golden applications of the mirror that is on the fireplace and gilded wooden shelves the rest of the room.

Very French, very elegant, but mostly with a strong light so important in a city like Paris so gray.