bedroom full of need life


Sometimes we strive to fill the gaps until we get tired of repeating that “less is more”. Well today I bring you one of those places where we see conclusively that there is no need to fill all furniture to make our home cozy. Would I accompanied them to discover a vintage bedroom full of life?

Again, I’ve run into this finding on a Swedish estate, and we start from a very good base, which is a beautiful old house with a stove of those that once you see them you can not stop thinking about them. The floors look old also give us another key to this room, is that the old can have a character that is hard to beat with modern furniture.


Vintage from bed Bedroom

The site administration chose a twin room to occupy the center of the room, and white textiles cede center stage to the rest of the items you see in the picture, such as the table created from a wooden box or the chest of drawers, very similar to one that was my grandmother. If you look, the newest element apparently is the picture that is on the headboard and matching with plants that dot the rest of the stay.

Among the things I do not like, highlight the vintage lamp ceiling lights and garland, which, as I have said starting to bore me because they appear in almost every house a little hipsters we see around here. I do not seem a good idea to duck and squirrel, I do not know if they are ceramic or stuffed. In any case, I would return to the market of antiques.


In the picture above you have just the opposite wall of the bed occupied by a rather non-descript white wardrobe that added personality to it by placing vintage suitcases and boxes. Observe how they use supplements to fill the void, and that they are the most striking, as the colors of the bags, the dark or the chair perch there on the dresser.

In short, this room seems pretty well done, with a few vintage elements and plant life have managed to fill the room. Do we moved to Sweden?