bedroom with living room


Botany, ornithology, classical architecture, zoology, thousands of old films, series or images from books of study, have hung in kitchens, offices and classrooms for long. Some are bought at antique shops, or reproductions can be found in the Museum of Natural Sciences in any city in the world.

A reinvented classic and gives a sense of warmth and sophistication while, if the frames and blades are well chosen. Whether a series of Austro-Hungarian soldiers as tortoises from an expedition to the Indies, that look more like little dinosaurs turtles are a safe bet in decoration.



The botanical tend to be the more popular have a nice garden with its common name and then the officer in Latin, with light colors Passepartout, a simple frame on a scrim wall color a little stronger, as shown in the Pictured above, is spectacular, turning a corner where nobody notices, in an example of interior design.


red vintage prints-fourth

Animals also get a lot of play, for a fourth youth, the series of the sea, either as shells or fish underwater plants, are more serious but less feminine, combined with a happy or vibrant textiles, and the bedroom we have in the picture, that mixes youth with antique elements, is a formula that never fails.

Do you like to decorate with old sheets?