Before & After: gaining space and natural light


Many times we see a house and think how wonderful it would be to pull partitions and redistribute throughout the interior. This type of well-planned comprehensive reforms achieved excellent results and today we will see one of these. The home in question had four rooms, two of which were missed. So he made a redistribution of space, eliminating one of the bedrooms and distributing the space between the kitchen and the bedroom.

The reform is a work of Eduardo Alarcon and Interiors Renova Sandra Aguilera, who have worked on this occasion based primarily on two ideas, on the one hand to gain space and secondly to increase the natural light received in the day , kitchen and living room. Among other things To make natural light, glass walls were used to visually bind but maintain functional independence. I think you’d better see it in detail.


Besides using glass partitions, which is probably the most curious and striking of this reform, to make light and airy feel in the spaces needed to brighten the colors. Dark wooden doors were replaced by more modern white. In the image above these lines we can see the change experienced by the corridor.

The lounge


In the picture we can see on these lines as was the lounge before the reform. Not that it was a small room, had enough space to put in it all necessary furniture, but for its size the entry of natural light was low and that there was an attempt to remedy with the changes.


As we mentioned earlier, one of the salient features of the new housing distribution is that the room is now separated from the kitchen by a glass partition. This coupled with the kitchen has gained a window in its expansion, makes the room have more light now and they even seem larger.

The kitchen


The reform kitchen before we can see in the photo on these lines. Stating that there was admittedly not bad at all, in many modern homes are much smaller kitchens, but if you can expand the better and at the same time is used to modernize the furniture and the multifunctionality.


The new kitchen has a much more modern furniture firm Santos, with walnut fronts and worktop in white. White color causes the light to reflect and multiplies it as desired clarity. We have also expanded work surfaces, the kitchen is now almost twice as large as it was before.

Note that the distribution of U-shaped kitchen has several advantages. On the one hand facilitates the work because it allows everything is within walking distance. On the other hand to place a central island region serving as additional preparation and also in this case as scrubbing zone.


The kitchen also has other interesting details like the blind corner that besides having sufficient light to work, also has sockets for small appliances. It’s great to be able to close the cabinet and make small appliances are hidden maintaining order and aesthetic balance.


The kitchen has gained more prominence in the house after the reform, has gained size, beauty and functionality. It has many remarkable details, plus the shade I liked it also, for example, vinyl decorating the wall next to the window, faucet and white acrylic stools are Tafesa brand.

The bedroom


 Turning now to the most intimate of the house got to the bedroom. Pictured on these lines that we had before the reform that was smaller and the resulting dark. The bedroom has been, along with the kitchen, one of the big winners in the change, as it has also expanded its square meters.


In the bedroom we find the current dominance of white color combined with dark brown again, but this being a lesser extent. The furniture has been made and as to the details can highlight fixtures that are Vibia. Now there is much more space around the bed and the bedroom is much cooler and welcoming.

The bathroom


And we ended the tour show bathroom, which also has undergone considerable change. In the image above these lines you can get an idea of ​​what was the bathroom before the reform. The typical classic bathroom clearly had to modernize.


Again the dark color has moved to the walls and opted for white for the furniture and cabinet surface sink. The very simple straight lines and are present at all times and the decor is very sober. Let that if the bathroom was mine I think it would give a touch in a cheerful tone with accessories.

But regardless of that for my taste a whole lacks a touch in pink or orange or green, which I both neutral color makes me too seriously, we must recognize that the reform has been very positive in all aspects. Distribution is improved, the most important rooms are now wider and has earned a lot of light in the whole set, which along with the furniture much more in line with current trends are the key reform.