Before & After: gaining space in a kitchen kitsch


The eighties and nineties did much damage to the decor. That rustic kitchens and the proliferation of borders, which meant that every house is incomplete without them we saw carried a difficult color delusions reached again. Today I bring you one of those kitchens anchored in the past and kitsch winning changing room with furniture without having to work. And above, the after picture is made from the same point as the first. A luxury.

We begin as always by the “before”. On these lines see separate dining kitchen by a breakfast bar. The furniture style is rustic, as I said in the previous paragraph, and the scene is topped by a border that runs along the top beam. The truth is that the dark appliances not contribute to make amends to the furniture and of course do not help us to forget the flowers and the squares at the top.


In the dining area there is a cupboard, as you will see has been renovated to suit the style of the furniture of the “after” and a table and chairs that are like my grandmother had in her living room. The set is rather stale but has going for it is a lot of space and it receives plenty of sunlight.


In the “after” you have on these lines you can see how it has dispensed with the bar and how it has installed an island. The space has been unified with the dining area and also more refined style is more beautiful than the last.

Another hit is the aluminum appliances have chosen to match the door handles. I love also the changes in the lamps, how once there was only soffits and now have combined halogen ceiling with a modern hanging lamps.


In the “after” has more importance in the area of the fireplace, in the “before” was hidden behind the recesses created by furniture, and is now more in sight, giving it a very homely feel to the entire stay. Of course, I want to make clear that I have been crazy about rid of the carpet “before” which is always a bad idea, and more in the kitchen.


I wanted you to see also the picture you have on these lines where you can see the whole room together. As you can see, the upper area furniture are white so visually pretty space download.

I like that you have taken the cupboard “before” with a dark varnish layer but I think in the second kitchen there is less storage space. In fact, this is the only “but” that I see the whole reform, I think one of the most successful we’ve seen around here. Perhaps also stress negatively hodgepodge of lamps we see, between spotlights, halogen lamps themselves, but this only if you torture me to tell you some more hits.

Come on, confess: who has borders at home? You really are still getting? A horrified me, especially in spaces other than children’s bedrooms. Are you convinced by this reform?