Before & After: integrating the courtyard in the kitchen


In some houses there is a small kitchen that could be expanded relatively easily if you add another adjoining room. I mean the classic washes and courtyards, that many houses are next to a narrow kitchen and that would be more useful if it uniƩsemos expanding it.

For example, the reform of the corresponding photos of this article was conducted by Renova Interiors and it is integrated in the kitchen sunroom. Before only worked terrace for summer dining, but now integrated as part of the kitchen significantly expanding its size and also acts as a bridge and passageway between the kitchen and the living room. Consider the differences between the before and after.


Pictured on these lines can clearly compare the kitchen as it was before the reform and as has been later, once the courtyard has been integrated as part of it. The space originally occupied by the kitchen now part of an L-shaped distribution, is that side which comprises scrubbing zones and cooking.

This image is not, but as we will see in the following, the space gained the courtyard, now serves as a dining area plus a spacious integrated columns. The refrigerator and storage columns occupy one wall and are fully integrated, allowing you to enjoy more free space.


In the house dominates wood finish, yet the kitchen furniture have been chosen entirely in white. The white color reflects light helping inner areas are more bright and also favors the spaces appear larger than they actually are.

An interesting detail about the kitchen furniture is that the handles are part of the doors, are built into them, which greatly facilitates the opening on one side and on the other the cleaning and maintenance of the fronts, which is certainly very important thing in the house, but especially in the kitchen.


The idea was to get through the reform, that the kitchen could become a great family gathering place. That’s why not only is intended to be functional, but that also is seeking the comfort and spaciousness. Hence the importance of the integration of all the furniture to stop free space available.

In the image above these lines we can see the detail of the part of the kitchen that has been stolen from the courtyard. The terrace was once and now has become the places to eat in the kitchen. A seating area light and airy at the same time offers great storage possibilities.


Besides the new kitchen area has become passageway between the kitchen itself and the rest of the house, in particular gives access to the living room, as seen in the image above these lines. In this regard it is important that the distribution delimits all environments without breaking visual continuity.

Ultimately the point of this reform is the concept that is sometimes preferable to give up something that we get little benefit such as a patio, to give greater prominence to another room and comfort of use is much more common as the kitchen . Optimize space allocation for our benefit and meditation planning wisely stays sharing is essential.