Before and after: a living room hugging white


Sometimes changing a space not a matter of much money or cumbersome works. May be sufficient to change any piece of furniture and especially the colors. That’s something that looks great in the before and after this white room embracing.

This is the living room of our reader Pilar Blasco, who had tired blue tone that dominated the room and wanted to make it look brighter. So, using that I had to replace the couch, made some changes.


    The first thing I did was paint the wall of a broken white. In addition to the sofa, the chairs that had changed in the dining area by a replica of the white Eames chair (DSW), placed a new carpet jute curtains of those that are already ready to install. And finally, the coffee table that was blue, the dismounted and painted white

As you can see, there has been a lot of work, but the change that has hit the salon is considerable. It has gone from a dark space with a totally old fashioned to a much more cheerful, modern and bright. Even the furniture looks like another and that which has been left unchanged.

I especially like the transformation of the coffee table. With white paint has only managed to change your look completely. I also really like the new carpet and curtains. A good decision certainly opt for the white in this room.