Before and after: a micro loft in Manhattan


There are complex reforms and those where space is scarce and the homeowner wants various environments and allow natural light flow, pose a challenge. For example, this apartment of about forty square meters in Manhattan that has taken the high rise seven meters, to compensate for lack of space separating surface environments such as layers.

Housing is a curious, actually not within the standard definition of loft because the area occupied is small, but on the other hand it is true that no doors and all environments communicate with each other but are somewhat Separated height changes. You’d better see the house as it was before and as it has been now.


In the picture on these lines can be seen in part as was the apartment before the reform. Brick in some of the walls and other painted in ocher, a set too dark for such a small space. The stairs very tight with thick side rails and completely opaque, that has been what has helped lighten more, have changed these sides by thin metal rails.

When we need a space seem larger than it is, or at least not be overwhelming by its small size, we remove all barriers that we, as doors and partitions unnecessary and we should choose lighter colors to decorate . Here the timber has been maintained naturally in the soil, but have passed every one of the walls to white.


Pictured on these lines have an overview of the housing after its bottom. At level at the height of the street are all common spaces, kitchen, dining room and living room and next to them the bathroom, which is even a little lower. The dark wood contrasts with the white furniture and walls to help reflect light in every corner.


micro loft bed

The bedroom is on the top of the house, particularly in the third height, as the fourth and final out and the outside in a small garden. No surface too broad for this environment, but it is enough to accommodate a functional bedroom. It also has the intimacy that this room needs because it is the only thing at its height.


One of the most important aspects to consider in housing is reduced dimensions storage. May we have a small house does not mean we have a few things to keep and why it is so important not to waste any space. Here we have taken advantage of especially the space under the stairs and is the perfect place to keep a lot of things.


micro loft drawing

With the image on these lines you can get an overview of the full distribution of housing and what is in each of its four floors. The wider area is the surface of the floor, which has two levels and they are all public areas and most frequently during the day.

At the top, on the living room is the bedroom as we had discussed earlier and from the bedroom if we continue up a small upper terrace or garden is very small, but considering it is in Manhattan, is a treat. I really love this house, it is true that it is small, but very well used and divided and I feel super cozy.