Before and after: bedroom boring dynamic and functional space


Getting a pass room dull and boring to something much more cheerful and even more functional does not have to be too complicated work. Many times a new paint job, a change in the carpets and curtains or textiles fourth overall, we can help achieve an excellent result.

Today we have one of those cases. The starting point is a spacious bedroom with elementary way, which can promote even distribution of furniture if you think about it and not a single large window, which required light boost. Let’s see how it was before and as it has been after the reform to the corresponding image on these lines.


bedroom before

As you can see in the image on these lines the bedroom was on this occasion very easy to improve. The color of the walls screamed to be changed by the power much more white light and the curtains and bedspreads, were clearly improved. That coupled with some details and occasional furniture to complete the room lead to the following result.


bedroom after

In the picture we can see on these lines as has been the bedroom after the changes in question. It has been painted all in white, including the baseboards and dark shades have been removed also have gone to white. This bedroom has gained in clarity and spaciousness. To give a lively touch of color have been included rugs and occasional furniture especially the seats.


The L shape has taken this time to the location of a workspace visually separate the sleeping area. It seems to me an excellent idea, we work from time to time at home need a comfortable place to do it, but at the same time somewhat independent and separate from the bed or sofa.

I do not know what will seem to you, but for my taste the bedroom has been excellent. It is true that this time the atmosphere was very easy to improve, because there was no elected decorated and furniture were very basic but very well resolved the issue of distribution and elevated the idea of ​​painting everything white, baseboards included has been very successful.