Before and after: the wallpaper change a bedroom


When do reforms in a house, there are many factors that can touch to change the face of stay. If I bring you today has been the wallpaper that completely transforms a bedroom in the first pictures is very bland and characterless. As always, in addition to the walls there are more things that change when you just reform, but if you look at what is most striking is the role sight.

In the “before” we stay with bland walls, with a cabin of battle and a desk and a chest of drawers that tell us nothing. The explanation: we are facing a bedroom of a women’s shelter in Los Angeles in which they asked several designers who change so that their tenants were happier.


In the following, you can see that the big change has been the wallpaper but that has not skimped on the other details. The textiles of the bed, with touches of fuchsia brighten the room and the new desktop is still a battle piece into something unique, reminiscent of some antiques. The chair also adopts a new personality and overall everything is more enjoyable, and full of details. Wow, that instead of looking like we’re in a public institution might think that is the guest room of a private home.

I like this change, so that has been filling the room color and personality as the reason that has been done, to make your stay more pleasant to women who come to the shelter. I think that would copy a couple of ideas as the small white vase on the nightstand that can be a nice touch in any corner of the house, though perhaps not dare with a paper with many drawings like the one in this room has refurbished.