Black & white for a modern and timeless

Do you want to give your home a modern style but it does not go out of fashion ?Well, it seems almost impossible to reconcile the present with the classic but just follow some small advice to have a house by the ” timeless “.

Decorate Around Black and Silver Floors

How about opting for internal whites and blacks ?
Besides, the black & white is a must: the black has always been associated to ‘ elegance , the white to the refinement and purity .

Combined correctly, then, these two colors are able to create a unique style because, despite their simplicity, they give rise to multiple furnishing solutions : fundamental, however, is to ensure that the environment remains harmonious.

If you do not want to risk making mistakes, you could bet everything on furnishing articles combining light and dark , but if you want to be daring, I suggest you use the black and white for the walls .
Of course, because this type of pairing is successful, it is necessary that the ceiling is very high and that the environment has plenty of natural light .

It is not necessary , then, that the two colors are distributed in the same way one could prevail over the other , depending on the tastes and intentions (if you want to create a warm and comfortable, the black should be the dominant color, otherwise to give the illusion of a larger space, you must use more white).
We suggest, then, furniture with sharp edges and the color of the floor, while other elements such as shelves or lamps you can play with the two colors.
If, then, the contrasts blocky not excite you, you could opt for an alternative combination , black and gray for example: in any case, if the environment is too monotonous, you can choose the details of a different color in order to lighten the whole.

Black and white apartment

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black and white bathroom

Black and white bedroom

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Black and White Living Room


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