Bookcases in the decoration

For a clear space look good , it is imperative to have a good storage system, or what is the same, to get everything you need is at hand, but without disturbing sight. And although at first not too usually adorn the rooms, with the passage of time just accumulating parts on our furniture or cabinets .


The utility of the shelves
In this sense , one of the most basic furniture is the bookcase or library , as well as decorate the rooms , they help keep everything in order. The shelves can be present both in classrooms and in bedrooms, hallways, foyers and bathrooms , ie in every room of the house. Yes, it is important to choose the right one for each corner of the home .

The shelves allow us to place all kinds of objects , such as books , photographs , boxes and various accessories that usually employ . They are the ideal element in the decoration in locations including a multitude of materials and adapt to almost any corner .
In some rooms are a very handy element spaces both large and small spaces as well used , can fulfill the function of separate areas for open houses or lofts . And is that a library with a good design you can make partition or wall between areas. A good example is irregularly shaped shelf served in disassembled kit and you can get for only 95 euros .

Types of shelves
The standard choice is wooden shelves , although it is true that this is not always the cheapest alternative . This type of furniture offers the possibility to paint it to your liking , adding a warm touch to the room. You’ll also perform stainless steel shelves , which are usually ideal for offices and kitchens , planks of DM plated , glass , plastic, or shelves made with building materials , and more. Boom In furniture , for example , we offer you a large capacity shelf with 9 cubes with five doors made from melamine board with steel legs painted in silver epoxy .

How to decorate shelves
The bad thing is that we always end shelves making the same mistake : the install to try to organize a stay determined and to have books and other objects in order, but eventually fall in saturation . The shelf just full of things , which can be handy but nothing aesthetic . Instead, a tidy shelf and decorative elements some space is much better . So , create that vacuum is essential for a bookshelf attractive. You can check what we are saying in the next photo that appears our shelving 6 shelves, gloss melamine board .

Bear in mind that accessories that you put on the shelves should not be distributed in a symmetrical way , quite the opposite. Ideally mix shapes and sizes , as a shelf holes and are usually equal and if similar shaped objects placed not achieve contrast and be very monotonous.

A nice simple , clean and tidy

The most important thing is that the shelf this look simple, clean and tidy to look beautiful and be decorative . You can also use some trick to this furniture more attractive , like painting the background to enhance the effect of contrast with the objects placed in it. It is best also should not take the decision to place these parts at the precise moment that decorate the room , but as soon as you see this need in space.






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