Brighten the corner of the bedroom with floor lamps

As a very general floor lamps lend themselves to light in a diffuse way and harmonious any type of environment and therefore also the bedrooms, but as long as you choose the one that best suits our needs for space and lighting . The only care that you have is to avoid using them in the bedrooms of children and young people, unless it is low lamps and mood, such as light sculpture in the shape of a bear, “Charlie”, produced by Slide in different colors, which can acts as a soft light to put the kids to bed without having the fear of the dark, but also has success among teenagers, because it is without a doubt a presence nice and cute even when switched off.


The main reason that leads to the exclusion lighting devices from the floor by the bedrooms is security, to the fact that during the moments of the game, even unintentionally, the lamp may be bumped and fall, resulting in damage to property, but also to people!

This type of lamp has in fact ‘a balance factor, which depends essentially on the type of base of which is equipped, which can be of different types in the column, a tripod or geometric type (date an upright, round, square, rectangular or from the more unusual), but apart from that, if it has to do with a model from the stem rather long as the base is heavy is always good to be careful not to go against to avoid dropping it.

Inside a bedroom, a floor lamp can be used to provide different types of light: it can take the place of traditional ceiling light point and cater to illuminate the whole room in a soft, diffused light can provide a localized, more or less directly only in a specific portion of the room, which was used in some particular function or may simply serve as a piece of furniture with a purpose mainly decorative. The best floor lamps for use in bedrooms are the ones that give the room a bright light, diffused and soft and they do so by exploiting the reflection of light, or even very suitable are the stands that filter the light downward or better still upwards; when placing a lamp in his room is always good to make sure that its light does not directly affect toward a mirror , to avoid annoying reflections. If then in his bedroom was converted into a small sitting room ideal is to opt for a floor lamp that gives light rather diffuse and not be too aggressive, either directly facing the people, such as stem, while if has equipped a small study a good solution may be a floor lamp adjustable capable of providing a direct and decisive, where and when needed.

A cheaper alternative, but at the same time light and versatile, as well as a great visual impact are floor lamps made ​​with paper, capable of changing appearance to a room and evoke a magical atmosphere and dream can be easily integrated with all types of furniture, although there are some better suited to furniture and other ethical perfect for rooms tastefully decorated purely modern. It is in fact objects not only beautiful but also lightweight and easy to move (unlike many other floor lamps), and for this very versatile; several illustrious names in the design world in fact have created paper lamps that appear a bit ‘as sculptures of light. A variation is then the one that will be using the fabric, but the possibilities are endless and include the use of different materials declined in many forms, from the most simple and basic to the most extravagant, the important thing is always to choose something that enhances our room and marries perfectly with the furniture and accessories that are already present.

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