Build a sports rack for your garage

Building a sports rack in your garage is a project best done when you have time to work slowly and efficiently. The job requires steps that should not be rushed, as screwing shelf brackets. Completeness is important to ensure the rack will not fall and hurt your garage or hurt someone. You can use the race as a central location for your sports equipment.


you need:.
Measuring Tape
shelf brackets.
Expansion bolts.
piece 50-inch wood.
Wire or plastic baskets.
nylon mesh.

1.Measure with a tape measure high as you would like to have your rack on the wall of the garage. Mark the height with a pencil. Your rack will consist of a network with shelf and hooks under it, so you need to take this into account.

2. a pencil to mark three points more horizontal line on the wall that it is even with your first mark. Every brand should be 12 inches away from the next one, which cover 48 inches. Do not look for studs, because you will be using anchors to support the drywall.

3. Practicing the anchors in the wall where there are four brands. Anchors may or may not come with the shelf brackets. Make sure that you use the anchors hold enough weight. Anchors have a weight allowance on their packages. Toggler Bolts are a good choice, and generally takes at least 50 pounds. You need to consider the type and weight of the equipment is stored on the rack.

4. Practicing the screws and shelf support brackets in the wall where are the anchors.

5.Attach the piece of wood on top of the brackets to make a shelf.

6 . Drill hooks at the bottom of the shelf so you can hang objects. Check the weight capacity for the hooks when buying them. Space them according to the types of equipment will be stored on the rack. Hooks can hold bats, gloves, hats, bags and other items bat you can hang on a hook.

7. Tie network from the stirrups to make a sort of hammock for sports equipment such as basketball, footballs and soccer balls.

8. Place wire or plastic baskets on top of the platform in order to arrange smaller facilities such as golf balls.

Tips & Warnings
And ‘place of temporary employment of other elements in the rack sport, but keep it limited to sports equipment just so they do not become a catch-all for other garage equipment.



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